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Arion Bank

Arion Bank is a leading Icelandic bank offering universal financial services to companies, institutional investors and individuals. These services include corporate and retail banking, investment banking, capital markets services, treasury services, asset management and comprehensive wealth management for private banking clients.


Landsvirkjun, the National Power Company of Iceland, is Iceland's largest electricity generator and one of the ten largest producers of renewable energy in Europe. Iceland generates 99% of its energy from renewable hydroelectric and geothermal sources. Landsvirkjun generates three fourths of this energy from hydroelectric power and geothermal energy.

Innovation Center Iceland

Innovation Center Iceland encourages innovation and promotes the advancement of new ideas in Icelandic economy by providing active participation and support to entrepreneurs and businesses. The interplay of technological consulting and business support is the greatest strength of Innovation Center Iceland.


GEORG is a research driven cluster cooperation and its main objective is to increase substantially research, education and distribution of knowledge in the field of geothermal energy resources and their sustainable utilisation. In addition they emphasize on creating innovative ways for education organizations, research institutions, companies and other stakeholders to work together.

Iceland Geothermal

Iceland Geothermal is an industrydriven cluster cooperation partnership which focuses on the field of geothermal energy. The Iceland Geothermal Cluster Initiative was founded by 43 diverse members, including; companies, associations and institutions. IG is a platform where you can access all general information about geothermal energy in Icelandand leads you to the right coordinator if you are building up infrastructure or business in relation to the resource of geothermal.

Icelandic Startups

Icelandic Startups is an independent centre for innovation and entrepreneurship, for energetic and ambitious people with good business ideas. It's operations have been diverse, but rich emphasis was placed on building an open and creative venue for imaginative and well-educated people, creating a positive and encouraging environment for people to gain experience and succeed in their field.

Honors and awards

Startup Energy Reykjavik, Business Accelerator 2015

Islandsbanki Innovation Fund 2015

Top 10 Climate Launchpad National Finals 2015

Speaker at PowerGen Europe 2015

Technology Development Fund 2015